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Work Permits & Age Certificates

Community Service

For a minor child (ages 0-15 years of age) to be able to work in Illinois, he or she must be issued a work permit. Work permits are valid for 1 year and for 1 employer.

Work Permit Requirements

During the school year, all permits can be issued through the school district where the child resides. Please contact your child's school district office for a list of their issuing officers.


If you are planning to come to the Regional Office of Education to obtain your work permit, Illinois law requires that both the child and the parent/guardian be present when applying for the work permit or during the Google Meet Video Conference to issue the permit. Please follow the requirements below. No work permit will be issued without the following:

1. Letter of intention to employ, physically signed by the prospective employer on employer letterhead with job duties & hours to be worked listed.

2. Evidence of age (Original Birth Certificate, Certification of Baptism, Passport if original birth certificate is unavailable, Other means pursuant (820 ILCS 205/12) 12-2-C. see also 12-2-D)

3. Parent/Guardian ID. If you are a court appointed guardian, please include this paperwork with your submission.


4. Minor's Social Security Card

5. (Click Here) Principal’s Statement to Issuing Officer  - This form is waived during summer holiday if the minor will not work during the school year. Must be signed by a principal except in situations when principal-designated person may sign.

6. (Click Here) Statement of physical fitness from the minor's physician* indicating they are physically fit to be employed in all legal occupations or under the limitations specified in the remarks box. This examination must be dated within 1 year of the work permit application.

*Physician refers to an MD only per the DOL.

7. Fill out (Click Here) Application Form.

8. If the minor is applying for a performing, acting or modeling work permit, proof of a trust account must be included.

After all of the above is completed, click below to submit to the Regional Office and we will contact you to set up an appointment.

Age Certificates are issued for a minor child (ages 16-20 years of age) for employment purposes if a birth certificate is not official or available. To verify age, please provide Baptismal or Bible records, Birth Certificate, or Passport.

For questions regarding this procedure, contact the Regional Office at 847.223.3400 ext. 239.


For questions concerning the IL Child Labor Law, contact the Child Labor Hotline at 800.645.5784.

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