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Bus Driver Training 2nd Division

There are approximately 1,600 school bus drivers in Lake County servicing public and non-public schools. Experienced drivers must take a 2-hour refresher course annually, while all new drivers must take an 8-hour course in school bus driver safety and first aid, prescribed by the Illinois State Board of Education and administered by the Regional Office of Education.

Parked School Buses

The Regional Office of Education is responsible for the appointment of instructors who conduct the required training. The Secretary of State's Office is responsible for the issuance of school bus driver permits, and the administration of behind-the-wheel testing.

For more information, Contact the Regional Office of Education at 847-665-0589.

Bus Driver Training

Bus drivers planning to attend a class must be registered and have paid the $10.00 fee to the Lake County Regional Office of Education 5 days prior to the class. 

Drivers will not be able to stay for the class if they are not on the list. There will be no admission after the instructor has begun the class.

Drivers attending initial classes are encouraged to bring a copy of the curriculum book to class. 

The instructors do not have extra books to hand out. 

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