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Lake County School Opening

Click below to view job opportunities by position, category, or individual districts.
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Regional Office of Education Vacancies

Click below to access job opportunities at the Lake County Regional Office of Education.

Lake County School Consortium

Applying for a position at one of the consortium districts will make your application viewable by all districts in the consortium.

Consortium Members

Bannockburn School District 106

Big Hollow School District 38

Community High School District 117

Diamond Lake School District 76

Oak Grove School District 68

Exception Learners Collaborative

Wauconda Community Unit School District 118

Warrenn Township High School District 121

Grass Lake School District 36

Lake Forest Country Day School

Allendale Association

Connections Day School

Learn Charter School

Fox Lake Grade School District

Grayslake Community Consolidated School District 46

Grant Community High School District 124

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