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Home Schooling

The Illinois School Code and Case Law permit home schooling as an option for parents who wish to do so. The Regional Office of Education provides this information as a service to those interested in home schooling their children. This is not an endorsement of these organizations or of their publications.

Doing Homework

The law requires that the child who is home schooled receives an education at least equivalent to the public school program, the instruction is in the English language and that it includes an adequate course of instruction in the prescribed branches of learning:

  • Biological and physical sciences

  • Fine arts

  • Health

  • Language arts

  • Math

  • Physical development

  • Social sciences

Statutory Requirements

In order to satisfy statutory requirements, it is the home educator's responsibility to provide an organized educational program for the child while utilizing appropriate materials and teaching methods. You can download a list of resources (PDF) where information may be obtained regarding instructional materials and support.

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