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Health Life Safety & Compliance

High School Friends

The Illinois Administrative Code and the School Code of Illinois require that the Regional Offices of Education regularly visit schools for Health/Life Safety inspections and to ascertain the degree to which schools comply with the State of Illinois operational requirements.


As part of the accreditation process for State recognition,

the Lake County Regional Office visits all of the Lake County School district each Year. They review policies, programs for accountability and personnel files. Licensed personnel and paraprofessional files are thoroughly examined to determine if all appropriate documentation as described in school code is present and up to date. In addition, all licensed staff assignments are examined to determine if the staff members have the proper credentials and qualifications to teach in the assigned areas. Financial records, school board minutes, policies, and procedures are reviewed to verify that the schools are in alignment and in “compliance” with various school codes tested each year.

For more information, contact the Regional Office at 847.543.7833.

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