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During the 2022-2023 school year, the Lake County Regional Office of Education utilized funding to improve instruction and our 1-1 technology rollout for the Regional Safe School Program.

Promethean boards were purchased for the Regional Safe School Program to improve the learning environment for students.

1-1 technology was improved by purchasing more laptops and charging stations.

Students were then able to use the devices for in person learning and utilize them while being at home.

As a result, student engagement and learning improved in the classroom. Students were surveyed and believed that the Promethean boars helped to improve their learning environment.

The Lake County Regional Office of Education will continue to provide supports to Lake County students that prioritize learning loss, summer enrichment, summer programs, mental health services, and tutoring supports. 

The interventions implemented will assist with social, emotional, mental health, and academic needs in the following ways. The Pre-K – 5th Grade math and language course will assist all students in Lake County. Students will receive a diagnostic assessment to determine their levels and then will work on material based on their ability level. Students will have access to the virtual course for 6 weeks. Synchronized instruction will be provided once a week for students who need more supports. The in-person summer school program will assist students entering Kindergarten to ensure they are ready to begin school in August. The PreK-8th grade STEM activities will allow students in Lake County to participate in virtual programs from June 1- August 30th. Local districts will provide the laptop device. Students who need extra mental health supports will be provided these supports through the funds. Families will be able to access these services in person and virtually. When students return for the 23-24 school year, tutoring will be provided to ensure they have a successful start to the school year.

Meaningful consultation was held with school administrators, students, families, district administrators, teachers, and other school personnel. The feedback provided was used to determine where the funding would be spent. Stakeholders in Lake County wanted more options for their students in the summer to learn besides in person opportunities. More stakeholders have requested access to mental health services. Families have requested more tutoring options for their students.

The ROE works with many organizations and oversees programs for students with disabilities, children experiencing homelessness, and children experiencing other difficulties. Meaningful consultation was held to determine how to best serve students in Lake County. Students experiencing difficulties requested more opportunities and formats to learn, receive help, and supports to succeed.

Dr. Michael Karner

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