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State of IL High School Diploma

Public Act 102-1100, effective January 1, 2023, changes the name of the Illinois High School Equivalency Certificate to the State of Illinois High School Diploma.* This change recognizes the value of high school equivalency completion and will aid Illinois graduates in establishing reciprocity with educational requirements in other states.

Graduates Holding Diplomas

*No action is required for those who currently hold a High School Equivalency credential. The credential itself remains valid. Any printed copies of their certificate or transcript remain valid. Persons wishing to receive new copies to reflect the updated language may do so, though it is not necessary.

Illinois offers three high school equivalency test to receive your State of IL High School Diploma: GED test, HiSET Exam, and TASC Test. You can register for the GED and HiSET below.

Individuals who have taken and passed a high school equivalency test can contact Denise Hernandez at the ROE to have certificate and transcripts mailed to them. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name at the time of testing

  • Approximate year of testing

  • Date of birth

  • Last four numbers of social security

Once received, a member of our staff will reach out with further instructions.

If you would prefer to pick up your documents in person, you can book an appointment here.



Duplicate State of IL High School Diploma Certificate $10.00

Duplicate State of IL High School Diploma Transcript $10.00

Important Note: If you tested with the US Military or Federal Bureau of Prisons, your record is Federal Jurisdiction. Please visit the GED Transcripts page for more information. You will need to change your Area of Testing to "Military" or "Federal Bureau of Prisons" located at the bottom of the drop down menu.

Test Available at CLC - Grayslake Campus and Lakeshore Campus

Test Available at CLC - Lakeshore Campus

Post-Pandemic Update: Illinois & Federal Constitution Test for State of IL High School Diploma Completion

As of July 1, 2022, the Constitution requirement for awarding the State of Illinois High School Diploma returns. It was previously suspended due to the COVID-19 virus and the limited access to testing. In order to complete the requirement, a test-taker will only need to complete the new State of Illinois Constitution Module.

The new online Illinois Constitution Module (Constitution Module) is available beginning July 1, 2022.  It is estimated it will take two hours for a student to complete. It is available for State of Illinois High School Diploma candidates to take independently and does not require proctoring at a testing center. Testing Centers will no longer offer the previous Constitution Test. After completion of the Constitution Module, completers will be asked to provide information about themselves that will be used to match the completion with HSE records in the Illinois High School Equivalency Portal. Completers will also be able to print or download a certificate showing the completion.

A student who completed the previous Constitution Test or can demonstrate passing the Constitution Test in high school does not need to complete the Constitution Module.


Visit the CLC Testing Center website for schedules and more information.

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