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superintendent & assistant superintendent

Dr. Michael Karner Regional Superintendent of Schools  847-665-0590
Dr. William E. Johnson Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools  847-665-0589
Meg Weekley Executive Assistant to Superintendent  847-665-0590
Veronica Galarza Executive Assistant to Assistant Regional Superintendent, Bus Driving


Lisa Wolf Principal Accountant (ROE Financial Operations) 847-665-0594
Kelly Wipper Accountant  847-665-0603


Pam Cooper Chief Licensure Officer  847-665-0584
Kristi Slack Licensure Officer  847-665-0609


Ed Garver Health Life Safety / Technology 847-665-0602

Administrative assistance

Jennifer Ochsner Administrative Assistant, GED, Work Permits 847-543-7833 Xt. 239

professional development

Shay McCorkle Director Educational Services 847-543-7833 Xt. 240
Nicole Stroup ELA & Innovations Coordinator 847-543-7833 Xt. 228
Monique Belin SEL/Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator 847-543-7833 Xt. 213
Vanessa Wells Administrative Assistant 847-543-7833 Xt. 230

Health Life Safety

Ed Garver Health Life Safety / Technology 847-665-0602


Sean Collins Truancy Officer 312-209-5680
Fay Rosario Behavioral Specialist 708-404-0962
Rosy Diaz Behavioral Specialist 708-404-1109
Shannon Eady Behavioral Specialist 708-404-2687
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