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Breakfast & Lunch Program

Lunch Break

Breakfast and Lunch are provided to all students through the National School Lunch Program.  Students may bring their own lunch. All drinks must be sealed.  If a student arrives after 10:30, they will not have lunch, as the meal count for the day would have already been sent out.  For the safety of our students and staff, restaurant lunch deliveries will not be accepted.


Sack Lunch Expectations:

  • The student will have access to a refrigerator to store food items and a microwave (lunch only) to heat food items that have been brought from home.

  • As space is limited, the student is asked to carry all breakfast and lunches in a small sack or carrier with his/her name written on the outside of the sack/container. 

  • Drink containers are limited to sealed cans, sealed plastic bottles, or juice boxes; no glass bottles.  A drink container with a broken seal will be discarded. 

  • You may bring plastic spoons and/or forks, no metal flatware.

  • Students may only have candy in sealed wrappers. Gum is not candy, therefore, not allowed. 

  • Any food containers left in the building will be discarded according to sanitation practices.


Student Lunch Behavior Expectations:

  • Students will leave their areas clean and neat by cleaning their tables, pushing in their chairs, and keeping the microwaves and countertops clean. Trash will be placed in the waste receptacle.

  • Students are discouraged to share their home brought meals with other students.

  • Lunch time is meant to be a time of relaxation and socialization for all students. Students may talk about school appropriate topics. English is the only language that will be spoken at lunch or during the school day. 

  • For safety and monitoring purposes students are to remain in the seat they chose at the beginning of lunch unless directed to another seat by staff. 

  • All program procedures continue to be implemented and all students continue to be monitored during lunch time.

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