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Leader Dress Code

This policy is intended for all Leaders who have earned the privilege of Modified Dress Code. This modification does not apply to hair, jewelry, fingernails, or any other part of the student dress code other than shirts, pants, and shoes. All other dress codes policies remain in effect. Program discretion will be applied as warranted.
Each student is expected to present an appearance that does not disrupt the educational environment or interfere with the maintenance of a positive teaching/learning climate. Students shall, therefore, be dressed appropriately for school.
Dress that is not in accordance with reasonable standards of health, safety, modesty and decency, or which creates a disruption to the educational process will be considered inappropriate and shall be prohibited.
All clothing must be worn in the manner and for the purpose it is designed and intended.
Clothing may not display any insignia or signs which shows disrespect or superiority for any race, creed, color, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation.
Clothing that displays obscene or suggestive designs or immoral or illegal behavior is not allowed.
Clothing or attire that contains references to, and/or advertises, gangs, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, cults, the occult, sexual innuendos or slogans, denotes violence, or are materially disruptive to the educational process are prohibited.
Shirts: All shirts will be worn with a modest fit. They must cover a student’s abdomen, back, cleavage, and shoulders completely. No undergarments are allowed to show under, below, or through a shirt.  Shirts are defined as sleeved, Polo shirts, oxford shirts, sweaters, tunics, sweatshirts, turtlenecks and t-shirts.
Pants: All pants will be full length pants. All pants will be worn with a modest fit. 
Shoes: Athletic shoes must be worn at all times. The laces and straps must be secured as intended.
Coats & Jackets: Coats and jackets must be checked at the front of the building and stored during the school day.
Hair: Hair must be appropriately cut and groomed in a presentable fashion in any color. Bobby pins, barrettes, and metal hair ornaments may not be worn.
Tattoos: Tattoos can remain uncovered as long as they are deemed school appropriate by staff.
​Jewelry: Jewelry can be worn as long as they are deemed school appropriate by staff.

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