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The attendance office is open daily from 7:50am-3:50pm.  A voice mail system is available for calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Students must maintain the minimum required attendance percentage of 90% to remain enrolled in the Regional Safe School Program. Students are expected to be in attendance every scheduled school day on the calendar for the Regional Safe School Program.

To report a students’ absence please call the Regional Safe School attendance line at: 847-872-1900.

If leaving a message please remember to:

  • Identify self (parent/guardian by name).

  • Give the student’s name.

  • Give the reason for absence.

  • List the phone number where parent/guardian can be reached during the school day.

Reminder: Parents/Guardians are responsible for contacting the transportation company at least 30 minutes prior to normal pick-up time if the student does not require transportation for that day.

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