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We understand schools continue to struggle with attendance, discipline, and teacher burnout. Times are tough right now as parents and students look to schools for answers. The Lake County ROE SEL Hub wants to help! We offer assistance to educators, staff, and district leaders by providing the support and resources needed to be successful during this difficult time.

This grant-supported opportunity will provide you the support you need moving forward with your social-emotional initiatives. Once you've transitioned through the phases, our dedicated team of SEL specialists and coaches will work alongside your staff and students. We are excited to have you on board as you start your SEL journey.


Our mission is to create and support strategic and comprehensive goal-directed social-emotional learning plans that result in safe, healthy, and supportive schools. The program vision is for holistic and responsive social-emotional learning structures that generate equitable learning environments where all members of the school community feel valued, respected, affirmed, and empowered.

In order to achieve these goals, we provide free professional development, needs assessments, a resource library, access to embedded supports and coaching, and a network of individuals passionate about improving culture and climate and supporting the social and emotional needs of staff and students in the schools served by the Lake County ROE.

Preparing for Workout

We will arrive prepared


We will create an inclusive and respectful environment

Home Desk

We will follow the agenda

Spiral Stairs

We will consider others perspectives



Wellness &
Skills for Success



trauma informed

Awareness of the prevelence of trauma and adverse childhood experience (ACES)

Understand the impact of trauma on development, behavior and learning

Focus on cennection and relationships

Strength based with emphasis on building engagement and resiliency

Evidenced - based, healing - centered strategies

equity centered

Equitable access to services and support (MTSS model)

Restorative practices and discipline

Awareness of bias and impact

Removal of structural barriers that keep students from learning

Rcognize the strengths and assets that students of different cultures bring to the classroom

academic focused

Rigorous curriculum

Engaging instructional practices

Safe, supportive and equitable classroom climate

Assesment for learning

Culturally responsive instruction

SEL driven

Fundamental SEL knowledge

Adult SEL knowledge and competencies

Explicit SEL instructions: SEL woven through curriculum

Evidenced based practices with data - based decision making

Family and community engagement

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