High School Equivalency (GED) - Transcripts & Certificates
GED Transcripts or Diplomas Contact Information
Lake County Regional Office of Education
Kelly Wipper, 847-665-0603
If you would like to book an in-person appointment with one of our staff members, please click here.
If you need your certificate and/or transcript mailed to you, please email Kelly Wipper for further instructions.

If you tested with the US Military or Federal Bureau of Prisons, your record is Federal Jurisdiction. Please visit https://ged.com/transcripts/ for more information. You will need to change your Area of Testing to "Military" or "Federal Bureau of Prisons" located at the bottom of the drop down menu.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Now there are three High School Equivalency (HSE) tests in Illinois.  GED test, HiSET Exam and TASC Test are all currently available in Illinois.
Illinois and Federal Constitution Test for IHSE Completion

The Illinois and Federal Constitution Test is administered on a walk-in basis to any student who needs to fulfill this requirement.
See the CLC Testing Center website for schedules and more info:
After passing the IHSE Test, individuals may request an Illinois High School Equivalency Certificate and Official Transcript from the Lake County Regional Office of Education.
Effective July 1, 2018, the Official Transcript fee will increase to $10.00 per transcript.
Duplicate IL High School Equivalency (GED) Certificate $10.00
Duplicate IL High School Equivalency (GED) Transcript $10.00