New Illinois License System

Effective July 1, 2013

FAQS Illinois conversion certificates to license July 1, 2013

Requirements for Out-of-State and Out-of-Country applicants

Out of State Applicant Information - Educator Licensure

Illinois Licensure Requirements and Content Endorsement Requirements

ISBE Educator Certification - Guide to Requirements

Substitute License

Substitute Teaching License

Paraprofessional License

Educator License with Stipulations: Endorsed as a Paraprofessional Educator

Directory of Illinois Approved Educator Programs


Educator License Information System (ELIS)

Professional Development Requirements Renewal 6-30-2014

Renewal 6-30-14 deadline


Educator License Renewal, Reinstatement, Professional Development and Registration


Renewal Requirements

File an Exemption 6-30-2014 4-4-14

Teacher Renewal 6-30-2014 only

Teacher PD chart 6-30-2014 only


School Service Personnel Renewal 6-30-2014 only

SSP Renewal chart 6-30-2014 only


Administrator Renewal 6-30-2014 only

Administrator PD chart 6-30-2014 only


Senate Bill 578 Professional Development and Renewal July 1, 2014

Click on "Professional Development and Renewal"

Professional Development and Renewal


Lapsed Certificate/License

Instructions to reinstate a lapsed license

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: A license not registered within 6 months of issuance will lapse. A license that is not registered within 6 months of the last year of validity will lapse.

If you need further assistance call 847-543-7833 and ask for the certification department.


Highly Qualified Requirements

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