PASS - Attendance Week

Lake County Attendance Week


PASS and the Regional Office of Education are inviting your school to participate in Attendance Week.  This has been an annual tradition since 1988.  Attendance Week promotes improved school attendance a the beginning of the school year, and emphasizes the need to attend regularly to receive full educational benefits.

NEW IN 2008 - High Schools have been added to the competition!

All schools that participate receive a certificate from the Regional Office of Education for participating.  The "Top Ten" schools in three categories are invited to attend a special Top Ten Attendance Week Ceremony.  The three groups are:

  • K-8 Schools with more than 650 students
  • K-8 Schools with less than 650 students
  • High Schools

Awards Ceremony

Since 2005, a ceremony has been held for the top 10 schools.  Lake County's Television Crew has taped the ceremony each year and played it on the Lake County TV station.

To Register:

To register your school for participation, complete the attached form and email (button on form automatically emails it to Andrea Kowitz) or fax it to 847.223.3415.

Calculating the Attendance Rate:

Please report your attendance percentage to Andrea at PASS before 3:00 pm (email, fax or phone), on the Friday after Attendance Week.  Please use the formula below to calculate your attendance percentage, extended out to the hundredths.  An Excel spreadsheet is avalable to automatically calculate the rate for you after entering two fields.

Manual Calculation:

  • Total daily enrollment x 5 days = total weekly enrollment;
  • Subtract total weekly absences from total weekly enrollment;
  • Take this sum and divide by total weekly enrollment to calculate your percentage.


Sample:  If your total daily enrollment was 20, and total weekly absences were 6:  20 X 5 = 100 - 6 = 94 divided by 100 = 94%.


Activities & Ideas:

Attached is a list of activiites and ideas that could be implemented to encourage students to attend during Attendance Week.


Student's:  Be Cool - Go to School

Parents's: Be Cool - Go to School

Feel free to submit any posters that work in your building as well.


If you have pictures from Attendance Week events, please email them to akowitz  Appropriate photos will be included in future mailings/brochures.  If there are kids involved, please be sure to get signed permission to use their photos.


Previous Top Ten Winners:

Powerpoint presentation of 2007 winners







After Attendance Week, we ask that each building complete an Evaluation.

If you have any questions regarding this page, please contact Andrea Kowitz.