ATD - Vision & Mission

The Attendance & Truancy Division (ATD) was formerly known as PASS (Positive Alternative Student Services), or Project PASS. Click here for a brochure that explains the services that ATD provides.


Create lifelong learning and career opportunities for unconnected and under-served individuals between the ages of 6 and 17.



Strategic collaboration and partnerships.


  • Increase in the number of students graduating from schools in Lake County.
  • Wide range of high quality learning options and environments
  • Skilled workforce prepared to compete in the 21st century
  • Maximum use of available resources


  • Students & schools
  • Business & communities
  • Parents & families
  • Taxpayers & government


The mission of ATD is to provide Lake County students the opportunity to succeed in school by inspiring a vision of achievement for all, fostering innovative solutions to reach the vision and promoting commitment of parents, schools and communities to this vision.


ATD is the Lake County Center for Dropout Prevention and was established in 1985 to provide educational services to chronic truants and potential dropouts in Lake County.


Program services are designed to prevent students from dropping out of school and include:  counseling, tutoring, mentoring, attendance incentives, pre-employment work maturity skills training, life skills training, job placement, and a variety of enrichment activities.  Many of which draw upon community resources, and teacher technical support services with an emphasis on creative, instructional strategies to make learning more interesting and engaging.

The primary goals of the program are to reduce truancy and to prevent dropping out of school.  Student outcomes designed to measure the program's achievement of its primary goals are:  graduation from high school, improvement in school attendance, improvement in academic achievement, earning achievement credits for high school students, and having students return to the regular education program.

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