New Principal Mentoring Program

The Illinois New Principal Mentoring program is effective July 1, 2007.  According to Public Act 94-1039, mentors must be chosen and trained prior to that date.  The first day of training is standard for all mentors.  The subsequent training will depend on the mentoring entity that you work under:

New Section 2-3.53a of the School Code calls for first-year principals to be paired with experienced principals in a year-long mentoring relationship.  Principals with at least three years' experience are eligible to serve as mentors if they complete training offered by entities approved by ISBE and if they have "demonstrated success as instructional leaders".  The law further provides for several specific areas of educational practice on which the mentoring effort is to focus and for matching new principals with mentors based on the similarity between their grade levels or types of schools, the new principal's learning  needs and geographical proximity.

Lake County Educational Services will be coordinating this training for our area.  The links below will provide the necessary information.

Letter to Mentors [.pdf]

Application to be a Mentor [.pdf]

Request to be mentored [.pdf]

Partners for Illinois New Principal Mentoring