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Assessor's Office

  1. Attorney Online Appeal Filing Registration Form

    This form should be submitted by Attorneys who would like to utilize the Lake County Board of Review Online Appeal Filing system to... More…

  2. Request to Intervene in Appeal Proceeding
  1. Chief County Assessment Office - Homestead Exemption Removal Form

    This form is to be submitted when a homeowner is requesting to have their tax exemptions removed from their property.

County Board

  1. Appointment Application
  1. Mental Health Coalition Contact Form

    Contact information for those who would like to stay informed about the Lake County Mental Health Coalition and get involved when there... More…

County Clerk

  1. Early Voting Election Judge Availability
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  2. Site Manager Availability - You do not need to sign in or create an account to submit your availability.

    Whether or not you intend to work in this election... Please Submit this Survey by February 2, 2018 If you have questions, contact... More…

  1. Election Judge Online Application

Finance & Administrative Services

  1. 2017 Sand, Gravel, and Spoil Removal Bid Opportunity

    The intent of Lake County is to establish a single source of supply for the purchase of materials including sand, gravel, stone, and... More…

Health Department

  1. Data Requests

    Data requests for the Health Department Assessment Team

  2. Found Pet Report
  3. School BMI Submission Form

    Form to submit School BMI information

  1. Environmental Health Concern
  2. Lost Pet Report

Job Center

  1. Job Center of Lake County - Activity Log - 1
  2. Request for response from business service team
  3. Work Experience Application

    Lake County Workforce Development funds qualified job seekers for a paid work experience or internship to help them build skills,... More…

  1. Job Center of Lake County - Activity Log - 2018
  2. Summer Youth Employment Program Application 2018

Planning, Building & Development

  1. Ask Us
  2. Report a Concern to Lake County Planning, Building and Development
  1. Online Inspection Request

    Inspection requests require a 24-hour notice with the exception of a footing/pre-pour inspection. Footing/pre-pour inspection requests... More…

Public Works

  1. Contact Us
  2. Report a Concern to Public Works
  1. Cross Connection Control Survey

    The purpose of the survey is to identify certain plumbing fixtures or special uses of the water supply in your home or business.

  2. Sanitary Sewer / Water Permit Application for Single-family Residential Property

    Application form used for permits involving sanitary sewer or water for single-family residential property.

Regional Office of Education

  1. 2017 Attendance Enrollment
  2. E-Mail Verification for 2016-2017
  3. Workshop Registration
  1. 2017-2018 Referral Form

    It is extremely important to complete all information on the truancy referral form. Excluding any data may delay the processing of the... More…

  2. Media Center


  1. Map Request Form
  2. Public Comment

    Meeting feedback form

  3. Public Comment Hunt Club at IL 132

    Meeting feedback form

  1. Paratransit Feedback

    General questions, comments and suggestions regarding paratransit programs in Lake County

  2. Public Comment Fairfield Rd at Monaville Rd

    Meeting feedback form

  3. Report a Concern to the Lake County Division of Transportation