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How should the County cut costs/increase revenues?

The uncertainty of the State budget and potential State funding cuts continue to place significant pressure on our budget. What are your ideas to make cuts or increase revenues to fund your top priorities?

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  1. Stop taxing property as if it"s a bottomless pit of money. Your driving people out of lake county. Taxes should be income based.

    Property tax is a discriminatory tax, it taxies people because they own something. Not because of income or buying something. It does not take in what they make for a living or if they have lost their...

    Oct 5, 2016 by William Ebner (35 points)

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  2. By eliminating the extraordinary waste within county government.

    Check all the departments to determine where the waste is.

    Oct 9, 2016 by taxpayer (86 points)

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  3. Bicycle lanes in Lake County

    If people bike more, all the costs that come with cars will be reduced. ex. snow removal, road ware, police duties, environmental costs, etc. Good luck encouraging people do bicycle to work.

    Oct 5, 2016 by Rob (30 points)

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  4. Restrict or Eliminate Corporate Tax Incentives

    If corporate tax incentives are offered, the County should only offer those based on local sales tax revenue generated. They should not consist of property taxes, funding moving expenses, paying for...

    Nov 22, 2016 by Gerri Songer (22 points)

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