Snow Operations

Here at the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) we have been busy preparing our equipment, training our drivers, and planning our snow removal response effort for the upcoming winter season. The LCDOT snow plows went out on a dry run last week to make sure everything was operating as it should, and to make sure there were no hazards or unforeseen obstacles along the routes.

When you are driving in snow and icy conditions, you will be sharing the road with LCDOT snow plows. We hit the road before the snow starts to fall, and we run the routes in 12 hour shifts until roads have returned to normal conditions. The two most important things to remember:
  1. Slow Down
  2. Stay Back, Don't Crowd the Plow
Snow Plow
  1. Ask a Snow Plow Driver

    When you are out on the roads in bad weather, what questions do you have for the plow drivers? We are going to put together a Frequently Asked Questions series, and we want to know what questions you have! Have you ever wondered WHY they do something, or HOW they do something? Let us know and we'll "Ask A Snow Plow Driver!"

  2. Check Lake County PASSAGE

    Know before you go! Check Lake County PASSAGE for real-time, local traffic information. Through PASSAGE you can also sign up for email traffic alerts, twitter alerts, and smartphone apps.

  3. Snow Plow Facts & Figures

    LCDOT plows only Lake County roads, the ones marked with the 5-sided blue and gold route markers such as Butterfield Road or Buffalo Grove Road. We do NOT plow state routes like IL Route 120 or IL Route 60. State routes are maintained by IDOT.