Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll my student?
Eligible students (students with multiple suspensions or students eligible for expulsion) are referred to the ROE Alternative Program by their home school district. Once the referral is approved, the Regional Safe School Program will contact the parent to complete the enrollment process.

My student is returning to the Regional Safe School Program to start the school year. Do I need to register at my home school district?
Yes. All students must register at their home school district during their registration period. Please refer to district web sites for dates and times.

Do you provide lunch?
The Regional Safe School Program does not provide lunch. Students must bring their own lunch which is refrigerated prior to lunch time. Students have access to a microwave during their 30 minute lunch period.

Is there a dress code policy?
Students are required to follow a dress code policy. The student dress code is clearly defined in the Parent-Student Handbook, which can be accessed on this website.

Is transportation provided?
Transportation is provided by the home school district via a bus or a cab. Students are not allowed to drive themselves or walk to school.

What grade levels are accepted at the Regional Safe School Program?
The Regional Safe School Program serves students in grades 6 through 12.

Does the Regional Safe School Program accept special education students?
The Regional Safe School Program will review each student on an individual basis. We will work with the district to find the best placement to meet the needs of the student and fulfill the requirements of an I. E. P.

What happens if my child is still attending the Regional Safe School Program and we move out of the home school district?
Your student’s school placement at the Regional Safe School Program is dependent on the school district referral. The home school district will only provide transportation while your student is living within the school district boundaries. The new school district is not obligated to continue your student’s school placement at the Regional Safe School Program. Depending on your student’s current status (suspended, eligible for expulsion, expulsion in abeyance), your student could lose his/her school placement until the referral time line expires.

How do parents obtain past school records?
A parent/guardian must submit a written request for a copy of past school records to the Regional Safe School Program.

How do parents obtain an official transcript?
The Regional Safe School Program is not an official records keeper. The home school districts will provide official transcripts upon request.

What is necessary for my student to take medications at school?
Parents must submit a completed Medication Authorization form in order for students to be administered prescription and/or non-prescription medications during school hours. Students my not take any medications (including "over the counter" medications such as cough drops, ibuprofen, therapeutic teas, etc...) during school hours without a completed Medication Authorization form approved by their doctor and the SEDOL nurse filed in the main office of the ROE Alternative Program. Please click here to print a blank copy of the Medication Authorization form.