Signal Coordination and Timing Study

Making Roads SMARTER Reduces Delay and Improves Traffic Flow

The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) conducted a Signal Coordination and Timing Study on four travel corridors in 2016. By adjusting signal timing, enhancing technology, and coordinating signals through Lake County PASSAGE, we were able to reduce delays, reduce CO2 emissions, and help motorists save money on fuel.

The four travel corridors were studied during peak travel times in the morning, mid-day, and in the evening. Throughout the study, adjustments and enhancements were made to the signals in each corridor. Based on travel times, stops, and the average speed, we were able to calculate improvements in delays, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

image 2016 SCAT results

The overall results of the study show that technology enhancements, adjusting the signal timings, and coordinating the signals through the Lake County PASSAGE system, led to a reduction in vehicle delays (477.8 hours) and a reduction in fuel consumption (318.2 gallons) per day. Not only does this save money, approximately $3.1 million a year, but this also means less time stuck in the car and more time doing the things you want to do. An added benefit of the study was a reduction in CO2 emissions by 566 metric tons per year.

Corridors Included in the Study

The image above illustrates the total overall results, but here is a breakdown of the individual results from each corridor:

St. Mary’s Road from Old Rockland Road to Atkinson Road
Reduced delay by 91.5 hours and saved 63.4 gallons of fuel per day
$603,275 annual benefit

Butterfield Road from Allanson Road to IL 137
Reduced delay by 265.9 hours and saved 115 gallons of fuel per day
$1,676,607 annual benefit

Deerfield Parkway from Buffalo Grove Road to Busch Parkway
Reduced delay by 113.1 hours and saved 85.8 gallons of fuel per day
$813,522 annual benefit

Fairfield Road from Bonner Road to Gossell Road
Reduced delay by 7.3 hours and saved 14 gallons of fuel per day
$48,010 annual benefit


Deerfield Parkway 2016 SCAT results