Message from the Chairman

Dear Lake County Neighbors,

As your County Board Chairman, I work for you!  I am committed to leading on the issues that matter to Lake County families, businesses and taxpayers. Together, we are aggressively pursuing local government consolidation and are working to make county government even more efficient and cost-effective.  We are igniting a movement to tackle the mental health crisis that is sweeping our county and our nation. And, we are launching groundbreaking government reforms like implementing independent redistricting reform to end the practice of politicians drawing their districts to pick voters, instead of letting voters truly pick their elected officials.  

The state of Lake County's economy is strong. About 30,000 businesses call Lake County home, including 12 Fortune 500 headquarters that are fueled by one of the most well-qualified workforces in the nation. The County Board is focused on investing in our workforce and advancing innovative economic development strategies that are responsive to our employers' needs. 

The County Board is passionate about investing in people and our communities—from enhancing our county highway and transportation systems to providing public safety and access to justice to promoting health and wellness for our more than 700,000 residents.  

Lake County values environmental stewardship and open space. We have 50,000 acres of open space, including more than 30,000 acres of forest preserves, 500 miles of trails and more unique habitats and endangered species than any other county in Illinois.

I'm proud of the county board's continued track record of practicing fiscal responsibility. We have a balanced budget, strong reserves, and AAA financial rating – the highest credit rating possible.

It’s important to remember that while taxpayers make their property payment to the Lake County Treasurer, county government controls 7% of your property tax bills, while 93% is distributed to more than 200 other independent taxing bodies. Learn more about what Lake County does with your seven cents!

Silver Dollar

We know that increasing property taxes are a top concern for our families, businesses and taxpayers. The Illinois property tax system is broken and the County Board is leading multiple efforts to deliver relief to property taxpayers, including increasing efficiency, cutting costs and consolidating local units of government.

The County Board froze the county’s portion of your property tax bill twice in recent years, which will keep more than $70 million dollars in taxpayers pockets over ten years. We’ve reduced the number of county government employees by 10% compared to ten years ago and have reduced the county budget by tens of millions of dollars. Our ability to hold the line on the county budget is based on our commitment to implement efficiencies, leverage technology and cut costs by sharing services between governments. Check out our reader-friendly Budget Story to learn more.

All of these things make a difference in our bottom line and define a record of fiscal responsibility that has earned Lake County government a AAA credit rating for more than 20 years.

The County Board is committed to enhancing technology, communication, and transparency. All 21 board members send out regular e-newsletters to keep residents connected with county government. We also broadcast and webcast our county board meetings on LCTV and post audio recordings of all of our standing committee meetings. We also produce various other videos about our programs and services, including our popular Dirty Jobs show where I take you behind the scenes of some of Lake County’s dirty and difficult jobs. Our nationally-recognized website is also your go-to place to connect with all County services.

It's an honor serving as your County Board Chairman and District 18 Board Member. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Aaron Lawlor
Lake County Board Chairman