Voter Services


You can start the voting process right here! Learn what the requirements are to vote, where you should vote, and how to vote using optical scan voting equipment. Information regarding voting by mail, early voting, and a number of frequently asked questions are available for your review as well.

Voter Registration
  • Am I Registered?
  • Who Can Register?
  • When Can I Register?
  • How Can I Register
    • In-Person
    • Online
    • By Mail
    • Grace Period Registration
  • When Do I Re-register?
    • Change of Name
    • Change of Address
  • Voter’s Certificate of Registration Card
Voting Options
  • Voting by Mail
    • Required Ballot Application form
    • Deadlines
    • Ballot
    • Program Enrollment and Advantages
    • Military Voters and U.S. Citizens Residing Outside the Country
    • Questions
  • Early Voting
  • Election Day
Your Voting Site
  • Registered Voters
  • Unregistered Voters
Did You Know?
  • Ballots
    • Preprinted
    • Printed on Demand
    • Ballot Colors in a Primary
    • Ballot Styles
    • Preview Your Ballot
  • Election Cycles
    • Even-numbered years
    • Odd-numbered years
  • Election Security
  • Electioneering
  • Is Photo ID Required?
  • Primary vs. General
  • Spanish Language Requirements
  • Telephone Policy
  • Voter's Bill of Rights
  • Voter Power for Registered Voters
  • Your Voting Site
  • Write-ins

Special Voter Circumstances

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Voting
  • Assisted Voter
    • By Mail
    • In the Voting Site
  • Challenged Voter
    • By Mail
    • In the Voting Site
  • Curbside Voting
  • Hospitalized or Nursing Home Voter
  • Provisional Ballot