Judicial Sales Team

In August 2009, the Sheriff implemented a Judicial Sales Division designed to enforce all court-ordered foreclosure sales issued by the 19th Judicial Circuit. This initiative was implemented to centralize and provide public access to all judicial sales at one location and conducted by the Sheriff’s Office. Each sale is checked for accuracy and completed in a uniform, unbiased, and consistent process designed to reduce procedural errors that may result in contested judgments and court delays. Keeping third-party investors informed of foreclosure inventory is established by links on the Sheriff’s Office website. The Judicial Sales initiative was completed in cooperation with the Lake County's 19th Judicial Circuit, the State’s Attorney’s Civil Division, the County Administrator’s Office and the valuable input from local attorneys.

Effective September 25, 2018, foreclosure sales will be held in the original County Courthouse, one block north of the Lake County Sheriff's Office in Room 01110.

This change will only affect the location of the sales. All other transactions before and after sales will still be done at the Sheriff’s Office, including payments, issuing deeds, etc.

For questions or directions to the new location contact the Judicial Sales Department at (847) 377-4401.