Strategic Plan

Lake County's strategic plan serves as a road map for our county government over the next several years.

Lake County government is committed to promoting and sustaining a safe, healthy, vibrant and environmentally responsible county, while maintaining its strong financial position. In partnership with citizens, communities and all levels of government, we pledge to deliver efficient and high quality public services consistent with the community’s values and priorities.

We envision Lake County as a leader in developing a thriving and robust local economy, healthy natural environment, safe and livable communities, healthy residents, and innovative public services that are responsive to the diverse needs of all residents.

Strategic Goals

The Lake County Strategic Plan identifies five strategic goals related to transportation, sustainability, healthy communities, economic opportunities and public safety. Residents helped shape the plan by providing input at a series of community forums in 2008 and 2013. Residents also asked for more communication and transparency about what Lake County is doing with their tax dollars. In an effort to be accountable and transparent, we report progress toward our strategic goals twice a year.
Strategy Wheel