Lake Michigan Watershed

About the Watershed 

The watershed in Lake County comprises approximately 54 square miles, about 11% of the total area of the County.  From north to south, Green Bay Road generally marks the drainage divide between the Lake Michigan watershed to the east and the Mississippi River watershed to the west (into which the rest of the County drains).  

In Lake County, the Lake Michigan watershed is characterized by numerous small streams that flow through over 40 relatively steep-sided ravines into Lake Michigan.  Between Winthrop Harbor and Waukegan, the watershed contains a coastal lake plain along Lake Michigan, which includes a large wetland complex designated a wetland of international importance by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

Lake Michigan Watershed Map
  • Bluff/Ravine
  • Dead River
  • Kellogg Creek
  • Pettibone Creek
  • Waukegan River 

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