Lake Michigan Water Project

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Significant progress continues on the Lake Michigan Water project, which will provide Lake Michigan water to the communities of Lake Villa, Lindenhurst and the unincorporated areas of Grandwood Park and Fox Lake Hills.

Construction of the water distribution mains will be done in four sections.  Work in the first section has begun, which includes installation of a new transmission main on Washington Street from Hunt Club Road to Hutchins Road and then north on Hutchins Road to Grand Avenue. More detailed updates can be found here

Property Taxes

Recent 2016 property tax bills included the SSA tax increase to fund construction costs, which will continue to be assessed for 25 to 30 years until the bonds for this project are paid off. An SSA is the most appropriate and only funding mechanism that can be used to sell bonds of this magnitude. Using the value of your home to determine your share of the tax burden is the mechanism for funding other services rendered to properties, such as fire protection, police protection, parks, schools, etc. Therefore, if your house is valued higher than your neighbor, you will be assessed a higher SSA tax.

Project Timeline

While progress continues to be made on the overall project planning efforts, certain aspects of the project, including easement acquisition, are taking longer than anticipated. This has required additional engineering design and survey work which has delayed the project timeline. As more information becomes available and we have more specific completion dates, we will communicate that to customers.   

Lake Michigan Water Project Plan

Lake Michigan Water Project Plan