Warrant Information

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office maintains the constitutional and statutory requirement to enforce criminal warrants directed by the Lake County Circuit Court. Once entered into various local, a state and national database, warrants remain active and on file until the wanted subjects are apprehended or a court order is issued directing the cancellation of the criminal warrant.
  1. Active Warrants (PDF)

  2. How to Self Surrender

    If you failed to appear in court and a warrant was issued for your arrest, or if you are surrendering as part of your court-ordered sentencing, please read these instructions.

  3. Most Wanted

  4. Wanted Deadbeat Parents

    Parents who fail to take financial responsibility for their children place a heavy burden on the custodial parent or guardian, government agencies and taxpayers. View this Wanted Deadbeat Parents list.

  5. Most Wanted Sex Offenders

    List of non-compliant sex offenders with outstanding warrants