Route 120 Corridor Planning Council

About the Council
The Route 120 Corridor Planning Council (CPC) is a collaborative effort between 10 municipalities and Lake County to address one of the highest priority transportation needs in the county - the Route 120 Corridor. Route 120 was identified as the number one priority at the Lake County Transportation Summit held in September, 2005. An improved Route 120 will provide much needed east-west transportation relief.

Planning and Support Services staff chairs and provides technical assistance to the Route 120 Corridor Council's Land Use, Economic Development, and Municipal Impact Taskforce. Staff inventoried and mapped Existing and Committed Land Use; Historic Resources; Land-locked Parcels; Potential Barriers, Constraints, and Opportunities; and Municipal Future Land Use Requests for the study corridor.

Additional up-to-date information is available on the Route 120 Corridor Council website.